Monday, June 14, 2010

Bloggiesta Wrap Up

I feel rather loser-ish that I only spent two and a half hours on my blog this weekend, but I somehow managed to pass 200 followers and get two awards, so that made me feel a little better.

This was my original to-do list (major kudos to anyone who actually managed to finish their list):
  • Participate in the Book Blogger Hop at Crazy for Books
  • Visit the other blogs participating in Bloggiesta!
  • Attempt to make some sort of block scheduling for my time
  • Finish Geography & Ancient Greece homework
  • Write paper on gender in Greek Classics
  • Bake cookies
  • Participate in as many mini-challenges as possible
  • Finish blogging about my Cincinnati trip (Technically, I got this done this afternoon, though, so I did not count this towards Bloggiesta! time)
  • Catch up on "Top Ten Picks" from Jill at Random Ramblings
  • Catch up on MizB's Friday Finds (Should Be Reading)
  • Catch up on everything else I've had almost ready, but never wrote down

I did manage to get my blog in at the "Hop" - though I don't consider it full participation unless I actually visit the other blogs and do a post. I also managed to visit all the other Bloggiesta! blogs that signed up before me and commented on most of them! I baked a bunch of cookies for the bake sale with some awesome company, and I only have about 450 words left to go on my paper. Oh, and my hair is still in tact.
Since I've reflected on my Bloggiesta! to-do list, I would like to also reflect on my 2010 New Years resolutions I made for the last Bloggiesta!
Blog-related resolutions:
  • Update my blog MUCH more often than last year. Last year I started my blog in January, had one post in January, one in June, one in September, one in October, then in November and December I finally kept up with my blog. I'm a full time student, have a full time job, and drive to the other side of the state at least two weekends a month, so it certainly won't be Bloggiesta! every weekend, but I want to try to update at the very least once a week. (Well, things change, I don't have a reason to drive to the other side of the state anymore so I guess I have less of an excuse for missing posts, but I think I've only missed one or two weeks - for the most part, I've at least been able to get up a Daily Dose)
  • Complete the two reading challenges I've signed up for and determine whether or not I'd be able to handle more next year. (Somewhere along the lines I picked up a third reading challenge. I wouldn't expect to have finished them by June, and I'm making it really difficult on myself to consider the challenges "complete" at all, since in order to count them towards the book count, I'm making myself review the books. On the other hand, since I will definitely not be taking summer classes next year, I think I'll be able to handle two or three challenges next year, as long as I can stay motivated to blog at the same time.) 
  • Get 50 followers. (202 followers and it's only June!? You guys are AWESOME!)

Non-blog-related resolutions:
  • Clear out my e-mail. (I have successfully knocked my work and personal Inboxes down to 2-6 e-mails each)
  • Put at least $12,000 in my CD. (This wound up as an epic fail...)
  • Take a class on effective communication. (I'll have to attempt this in the second half of the year - all of the ones I have looked at have not fit in with my work schedule)
  • Convince my parents to put up our Christmas village. (I have a completely valid excuse for this one - It's not Christmastime yet.)
  • Buy more long-sleeved shirts. The past week and a half have made me realize that even in South Florida, apparently having only five on hand just aren't going to cut it. (I think I actually wound up getting rid of some - oops. I still have time, though!)
This week I finish my Gender & Society in Ancient Greece class, so hopefully next week I'll have a little extra time for blogging. Thank you for bearing with me - you guys are great!


  1. Wow, you accomplished a lot from that huge list. Well done!

  2. When your blog is already shiny and sparkly and...well, don't have to spend much time on it!

  3. I just found your blog, and I like it!

  4. Heather & Alyssa - Thanks, it doesn't look like it but it does kinda feel like I was semi-productive. Probably because all of the other stuff I was able to accomplish for a fundraiser this evening.
    Readerbuzz - Thank you! Unfortunately, this princess cannot afford servants to do the upkeeping for her. lol


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