Monday, June 14, 2010

Daily Dose - Weekly Inspiration

Saturday nights I volunteer at my church as a "teacher" in one of the preschool rooms. (Just another reason I didn't have much time to participate in Bloggiesta! this weekend) This past Saturday on my way in to "God's Town" (that place alone can be photographed for "inspiration" - it's like a mini Disney World Main Street shoved in a church) where the kids' rooms are, I walked past one of the fourteen other people who are on my mission "team" for Peru* and he asked "did you get the e-mail? We are supposed to be flying Spirit Air". Of course I pull out my handy-dandy iPhone to get the e-mail, and basically this is the content. If the pilots are still on strike on the 26th, we will not be going to Peru. I ask you all for your prayers that this not just be the devil trying to thwart our efforts to go help the children of Peru and spread the love of Jesus and grow in Him ourselves.

So, I dedicate these airplane pictures to pilots everywhere.** I think $200,000+ is a little steep, but, hey, what do I know? I'm just a librarian. Please come off of strike so we can go to Peru!

*Want to see my original post mentioning Peru and what I/we will be doing there? Click here.  
**I did look for helicopter pictures and couldn't find any with cutesy text that I wanted to use. If by some rare chance you are a helicopter pilot, I didn't purposely leave you out. I tried.

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