Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Take Another Chance Reading Challenge

You may have been able to tell from my Daily Dose post from yesterday, that I really enjoyed my trip out to Las Vegas last year. What does that have to do with any form of reading challenge, you might ask?

When I first saw the Take Another Chance Challenge, it half appealed to me because of the Roulette wheel, and half did not, because of the title. I don't really like re-reading books if I didn't like them the first time because I feel there are so many more books out there to read that I would enjoy the first go-round. Turns out, this challenge doesn't have to do with re-reading at all. Find Your Next Book Here's 2009 challenge was appropriately (judging by the Vegas/gambling-style buttons/banners) called the Take a Chance Challenge, therefore this year's challenge is called Take Another Chance. Phew, what relief. This challenge now appeals to me because of the totally random ways they get you to discover books for you to read.

I'm a bit late joining the challenge, but here are the rules:

~ The challenge runs throughout all of 2010.
~ There are three participation/"gambling" levels. Midway through the challenge you can decide to change which level you are going for.
  • A Small Gamble: Complete 3 out of the 12 challenges
  • A Moderate Gamble: Complete 6 out of the 12 challenges
  • Gambling it All (I personally feel this should be re-named "All-in"): Complete all 12 of the challenges
~ Each challenge completed will earn at least one entry (more for the more difficult challenges) for the prize drawing (winner's choice from Amazon under $25) at the end of the challenge. If all 12 challenges are completed, you will get 5 extra entries.
~ Books used for other challenges are allowed to cross over to this one.

What are the challenges?
Rather than confuse you to the point of not bothering to give this challenge a chance, I'm just going to redirect you to FYNBH's post. I'll just use the following space for my reading plans:

  1. "Read Your Doppelganger" - I guess I'll be reading Casey at the Bat by Ernest Thayer. I spent too long looking through our online catalog and the author section of Children's Books in Print and couldn't come up with much else. I plan on compensating for the length by reading and reviewing two versions.
  2. "Blogroll Roulette" - I chose Abby (the) Librarian's blog to pick the...other blog. The blog I have to choose my book from wound up being Interactive Reader, and I've narrowed my choices down to one of the following: A Kiss in Time, The Hunger Games, Deadly Little Secret, Heart of a Shepherd, or Nothing but Ghosts.
  3. "100 Best Book" - I don't know what book I'll be reading yet, but I know it will come off the 2009 BBYA list.
  4. "Prize Winner Book" - It will wind up being a Caldecott or Newbery winner.
  5. "Title Word Count" - Random.org gave me the number 2, so I'll be reading Planet Pregnancy, Forever Changes, or Blue Bloods for this portion of the challenge.
  6. "Genre Switch-Up" - I rarely read Science Fiction, so for this one I'll be listening to Stephenie Meyer's The Host.
  7. "Break a Prejudice" - I'll definitely be reading something along the lines of The Clique/A-List/Gossip Girls...
  8. "Real and Inspired" - I'm going to go with Peter Pan and Peter Pan in Scarlett. (Thanks to one of our shelvers to this awesome suggestion!)
  9. "Same Word, Different Book" - Twilight. I'm not sure which two versions yet, but that's my choice word.
  10. "Become a Character" - Elisabeth: The Princess Bride. If I have to write as a character, I might as well have the same name as the character.
  11. "All in the Family" - Call it cheating if you want - it probably is; but I'm probably going to do a few Curious George books for this (Margaret & H.A.). Unless, of course, someone has a better recommendation of longer books, but still in the J/YA section, or REALLY good adult book.
  12. "Author Anthology Pick" - I've pulled the only three anthologies we have in the Children's department, and they are (I'll choose from one): Big Bear's Treasury, My Kingdom for a Horse, and Talking to the Sun.
Because there is a turning back point, I'll say I'm going all-in.
...I mean I'll "gamble it all"...
Wish me luck!

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  1. I was just stopping by to welcome you to the Take Another Chance Challenge. (A little late yes ... but I'm here nonetheless). I hope you have fun with it, and I look forward to reading your posts. I try my best to get around to visit them all ... I'm a bit slow but I'm loyal to my participants.

    And it never occurred to me that people might think this was a "rereading challenge." I have to say .. the button fits really nicely with your blog design. Glad you decided to go all in!


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