Saturday, January 9, 2010

2010 New Years Resolutions

Almost every blog I've looked at since New Years has had a post of New Years resolutions. I used to make resolutions for school when I was younger, but for about 10 years I haven't bothered because I've never kept them for more than the first few months - if that. But now, one of the mini-challenges for this weekend's Bloggiesta! is to write a post with your resolutions (which only means more blogs with resolutions on them).  I've decided to make my list of resolutions very small and basic so I can avoid breaking them:

Blog-related resolutions:

  • Update my blog MUCH more often than last year. Last year I started my blog in January, had one post in January, one in June, one in September, one in October, then in November and December I finally kept up with my blog. I'm a full time student, have a full time job, and drive to the other side of the state at least two weekends a month, so it certainly won't be Bloggiesta! every weekend, but I want to try to update at the very least once a week.
  • Complete the two reading challenges I've signed up for and determine whether or not I'd be able to handle more next year.
  • Get 50 followers. (If you're reading this, you can help with this resolution!)
Non-blog-related resolutions:
  • Clear out my e-mail. 
  • Put at least $12,000 in my CD.
  • Take a class on effective communication.
  • Convince my parents to put up our Christmas village.
  • Buy more long-sleeved shirts. The past week and a half have made me realize that even in South Florida, apparently having only five on hand just aren't going to cut it.
Not a long list, I know; but it's eight more resolutions than I had before this challenge. We'll see how it goes.


  1. Hi! I'm doing Mother Reader's Comment Challenge, too. I'm a fairly new Youth Services Librarian, so your blog looks like fun. I'm Sondra Eklund at Good luck with your resolutions and school, too!

  2. Hi I am tripping through the blogosphere spreading comments hither and yon. I am a newbie blogger too. I signed up as a follower, hope you will check me out and do the same.

  3. Hi, I'll help you boost your followers if you'll help me boost mine. :) But besides that, I'm a children's librarian, and I love to scrapbook, and so I think we might like each other's blogs. Even if I am old enough to be your mother. (Don't hold it against me!)

  4. Aww why would I hold that against you? I'm following you now too. ^_^


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