Sunday, January 10, 2010

Blog Label Mini-Challenge

I have gone to blogs where the authors have seemingly endless label lists. Beth at Beth Fish Reads has created a mini-challenge for Bloggiesta! to encourage bloggers to clean up or get optimal use out of their label(/tag if you use Wordpress) lists. Beth has a lot of great suggestions in her mini-challenge post - to see these suggestions, or to take part in her mini-challenge, click here.
*As a great motivator she is offering an entry to a giveaway of a "great bookish prize" (separate from the Bloggiesta! prizes) to those who complete this challenge.

If you scan the label list in the sidebar to the left, you can see my labels. They're pretty self-explanatory, and I don't think the list is overwhelming. If you have any suggestions about labels pertaining to my blog, feel free to comment.

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