Monday, September 17, 2012

Review (Book) - Everything I Need to Know Before I'm Five by Valerie Fisher

Author: Fisher, Valerie

Title: Everything I Need to Know Before I’m Five

Publication Information: New York, New York: Schwartz & Wade Books, July 26, 2011

ISBN: 978-0-375-86865-8

40 Pages. $17.99. Ages 3-5.

Do you want your child to be “ahead of the game” when they start school? This amazing book touches on virtually every concept a child would need to learn before entering preschool or kindergarten. In this book, children will have access to information in the following categories: the alphabet, numbers, opposites, shapes, colors, seasons and weather.

In photographic illustrations reminiscent of Can You See What I See? or I Spy books (retro-looking plastic toys accompany all lessons taught throughout the book) children will learn to count - not just to ten, but all the way to twenty. Both the number and the word ("1" and "one") are displayed, and numbers 11 through 20 are represented by marbles arranged in rows so children can see the progression as they count. The shapes section not only teaches basic shapes, but several 3-D shapes as well (cone, cube, cylinder and sphere). In the colors section, children will learn the colors of the rainbow, and with the help of some rubber ducky friends, will also learn how to mix those colors to make others (blue rubber ducky + yellow rubber ducky = green rubber ducky). The alphabet section displays both uppercase and lowercase block-like letters as well as an assortment of toys that begin with each letter (dinosaurs, dice, dragonflies, dancers, and dominoes are all found around the letter “Dd”).

Seeing items they recognize and even enjoy playing with should hold the attention of children as they learn. While not all children may still need to learn all of the concepts covered, this book would make a great addition to many collections, especially in the homes of preschool-aged children and libraries serving a large youth community. Why buy a different book for each subject? Look no further for a book that meets all of your child’s conceptual needs!

Amazon recommends this book for ages 1 and up.

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