Friday, May 7, 2010


Apparently somewhere along the lines I decided that I wanted to have my 10-day break between semesters completely off from any sort of writing, even after I promised more blogging. I'm sorry. Honestly, I always have the best intentions... So then I got kind of depressed thinking how, after this weekend, it's back to school already. Which leads me to believe I really do blog mostly as some sort of stress relief, because now I'm all gung-ho to blog again.

Anyway, I have some news!
  • Tuesday I was "officially" put on the mission trip team to Peru. I'm SO excited; I've never been on a mission trip before, and I've only ever been out of the country to go on cruises or to the Bahamas. The trip is from June 26th - July 3rd, so definitely don't expect any blogging between that time. We will be flying to Cieneguilla and working with Place of Hope International children's home Posada de Amor (translated Spanish-English with Google Translate). If anyone would randomly like to make a monetary donation (even a dollar) to my trip, you can click here (it goes straight towards paying my way until my way is completely paid for, then the rest of it goes to Posada de Amor), but prayers for me and the other 14 members of my team (especially Miss Valerie - I feel I have to call her that because she just graduated with her teaching degree - congratulations, Val!) are just as appreciated.
  • Next weekend (May 14th - 16th) I will be in Walt Disney World (no blogging)! It should be a really interesting trip. I'm going with my best friend and then a handful of other people from church who I barely know, so I hope it's an awesome bonding experience.
  • May 23rd - 31st I am going "home" with my mom to Cincinnati (will hopefully still be able to blog) to visit family - yay!
I'm not sure how all of this time away is going to affect summer classes, but hopefully it won't have that big of an impact. On the blogging side of things, I would hope you guys wouldn't mind (maybe even enjoy) if I use my blog as sort-of a way to journal about my experiences on these three trips (or at least the Disney & Peru trips), even though it's totally not book-related...If anyone has a big beef with this, feel free to let me know and I will consider your opinions. If not, be prepared to hear about some interesting adventures! Speak now or forever hold your peace.

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