Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Writing About Reading Day 3 - Just the Facts: The Nonfiction Book Hook

Welcome to day three of Writing About Reading! The theme for today at Share a Story - Shape a Future's It Takes a Village to Raise a Reader is Just the Facts: The Nonfiction Book Hook.

Here are Terry's writing prompts/questions for the day:

    1.    Do you have an image (photo, chart, illustration) from a nonfiction book that has stayed with you, even though you don't remember many of the details about what you read?

Surprisingly, I remember more information I've read than pictures from when I was younger. This is the oldest non-fiction picture/cover I can remember from when I was younger. I owned most, if not all, of Jean Fritz's American History books.

    2.    What kind of reading material has inspired your dormant reader to become an avid reader and book seeker?

I guess my main inspiration has always been children's books. I was a reading fanatic when I was younger, and now that I have a job in the Children's department of a library, I have grown to love reading anything from picture books to young adult books again (as opposed to hating it as a result of reading too much for school and not enough for pleasure). I also enjoy reading even adult books, if they've been made into movies, so that is also a motivator.

    3.    Where is your favorite place to read? Do you share your secret spot with your child?

Like I've said before, I don't have children of my own yet. Part of me wants to say that I share my favorite place to read with my "kids" who come to storytime, because I do so enjoy presenting storytimes; however, for those of you who are old fashioned enough to think libraries are quiet enough to hear a pin drop, you obviously haven't been in a library lately - at least not the childrens section. I prefer places that are really quiet. Right now I guess my favorite place to read is the bathtub, and I don't plan on bringing my storytime "kids" there.


  1. LOL!! Child storytime in the bathtub would probably not work so well for you!! :) Congrats on your nomination!!

  2. I remember the images in the Dr. Suesse books. They are so colorful and unusual.

  3. Lucky you to have such a job. I was a children's librarian in an elementary school at one time in my life....
    I love, Love, LOVE children's books, Young adult books, or any book.
    Was it Jean Fritz who wrote the King George Book? I loved her non-fiction.

  4. Tif - I'd probably lose my job, so I think you're right.

    Doll Diva - I had to think quite a while to remember the Jean Fritz books from when I was younger (since the question asked specifically for non-fiction). Everything that was popping into my head was either fiction, or something I'd read recently (and it was supposed to be from when I was younger).

    Debbie - Are you retired or still looking for a Librarian job? We actually just had a position for a Librarian! And yes, it was Jean Fritz who wrote the King George book.


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