Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Amelia Bedelia's First Day of School by Herman Parish

"Amelia Bedelia is sure she will love everything about the first day of school.
  • New friends
  • A new teacher
  • Her own desk
  • Music, books, gym, art
  • Recess and lunch
Amelia Bedelia can't wait. What could be better? School! School! Horay for school!" (inside cover)
I had high hopes for Amelia Bedelia's First Day of School. I haven't found the newer Amelia Bedelia books I've come across to be up to par with Parish's original works.

I really like that Herman Parish changed Amelia Bedelia to a child. I feel children these days don't need any more of a reason to think adults are stupid. I also really liked the bright new illustrations.

The humor starts on the title page where Amelia's mother is telling her to "hop on the bus", so, of course, she bunny hops onto the bus. I was pleasantly surprised to find the classic Amelia Bedelia humor continue over the next few pages, when the bus driver tells the children "it's time to jump off" and Amelia gets a running start, leaps off of the bus, and lands on her teacher, who tries to explain that she teaches gym, but, alas, Amelia's name is not Jim. Going through the rest of the book, though, Parish seemed to be trying too hard to be "punny". In fact, by the last couple pages I no longer understood the puns.

The story might be good for kids to learn what not to do on their first day of school and help get rid of the first day jitters, and the illustrations never disappoint, but if you're looking for classic Amelia Bedelia humor, you'll have to stick with the original books.

*I'm still looking forward to reading Herman's other new book, Amelia Bedelia's First Valentine

Amazon recommends this book for ages 4 - 8. This makes sense given the subject (first day of school), but, like I said, some of the humor was enough to confuse an adult.

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  1. Oh my gosh, Amelia Bedelia as a child!!!??? My mom and I love tbis book to death, I'm not sure whether I'm happy or mad that there's a Amelia child book out

  2. Well if you read it, let me know what you think! :)

  3. I'm always checking out chidren's books for my kids (pre-school teacher, not a mom) and if they are too long, I usually avoid them because its hard to have four year olds concentrate for too long on one thing. This seems like a fun book though, although I never read the older Amelia Bedelia books :) Great review!


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