Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Writing About Reading Day 2 - Literacy My Way, Literacy Your Way

It's day two of Writing About Reading! The theme for today at Share a Story - Shape a Future's It Takes a Village to Raise a Reader is Literacy My Way, Literacy Your Way.

Here are Terry's writing prompts/questions for the day:

    1.    Does your child enjoy writing? How can we link reading and writing in ways that will motivate kids?

I don't have kids of my own, but I am hoping this summer I can start a successful writing club with my "kids" at work. I like the idea of using writing prompts. What better way to connect reading and writing than having a writing class in the library?! When I was younger, I connected reading and writing myself by reading a book, and then writing my own version of a sequel to it. (I "wrote" the 5th book in the Harry Potter series before J.K. Rowling had released hers, and had Dumbledore die and McGonagall take over the school - sound familiar?)

    2.    What is your favourite book to screen adaptation?

I don't know if I really have a favorite. I don't know whether to say P.S. I Love You because for once I enjoyed the movie more than the book, or A Walk to Remember because my love for the book and movie are about equal (although the book and movie are quite different), or Pride & Prejudice because the movie saved me from having to read the book, or I also really liked The Fellowship of the Ring (it's the only LOTR book I've made it all the way through), just because of the amazing visuals the movie gave to the book...Regardless of what my favorite is, I will confess (and hope this can be true for the current and coming generations) that a book being made into a movie gives me more of a desire to read the book.

     3.    Do you or your child have a story that you like to "act out"? What is the story? and who are the role players?

Again, I don't have kids of my own. Coincidentally, as with question 1, I was hoping to have a weekly improv program during the summer. As you probably know, improv is a story you have to make up almost completely on your own, except for maybe a few starter ideas/props/etc. All children who attend are going to be encouraged to join our comedy games!


  1. I like that question about the book to film adaptation. I always try to read the book before the movie, because the movie so very rarely is anywhere near as good as the book, and I don't want to be reading the book, thinking of the movie.

    I enjoyed LOTR and Pride and Prejudice (but the BBC version) - i think they are the 2 best book to movie adaptations

  2. Definitely a LOTR movie fan here! Sad enough, I haven't been able to get through the books, but the movies are so well done it's hard to want to plow through them!

    Love that you found out about Share A Story! It's such an amazing event and I've been having a fabulous time reading and working on everything!

  3. We have to cyber-get together! Improv is one of my many great loves, especially theatre sports - I used to teach drama to kids and teens and miss it very much. I write a column for kids about writing in an Australian children's magazine AND I love to read and write about reading!

    Am I your evil (older) twin???

  4. P&P is one of my favorite books and I loved the movie. I also love P.S. I Love You but haven't read the book, as well as A Walk to Remember. I'm sure they are great books and I can't wait to read them! Great post :)

  5. Becky - The book to film question was quite a stumper at first.

    Danielle (please tell me I remembered your name! lol) - Have you tried LOTR lately? I was tempted to try the LOTR read-along until I found out how behind I was. And if it weren't for you, I wouldn't have found out about Share a Story, so THANKS! :)

    Book Chook - I don't know if I have a twin? lol but if you would like to have a cyber get-together I would love any tips you might have for my improv "club" this summer! :)

    Miss Cindy - I didn't think it was possible for me to cry anymore than I did at the movie A Walk to Remember, but I think I actually did cry about the same amount when reading the book. If you ever read PS I Love You or AWTR and think "hey, I wrote on that one weird girls' blog about these books", please feel free to come back and share your thoughts on them! ^_^

  6. What a great conversation you've got going here. I would love to hear more about your improv idea. I want to do something with kids for an after-school program next fall and this might be just the ticket.

  7. Terry, as resources I'm using the books 101 Improv Games for Children and Adults by Bob Bedore, and Funny Bones by Lisa Bany-Winters. I also plan on using part of a different book that I currently cannot locate...


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