Monday, March 8, 2010

Resource (Book) - Something Funny Happened at the Library by Rob Reid

Because this is a longer Professional book/resource, I did not read the entire book - I only skimmed over the [entire] book and fully read the parts that had the information I was looking for.

I recommend getting your hands on a copy of Something Funny Happened at the Library if you're short on storytime ideas or are looking for themed activities to do with your children or while babysitting. Have a Something Funny Happened at Home day with the resources from your library or book store. I think it's great that the storytime ideas in the book are so extensive; this is perfect for me because I can tailor the ideas to the [shorter] length of my storytime, but I still have plenty of suggestions to choose from.

*Depending on how politically correct your library's administration is, you may have to go through the storytime ideas with a fine-toothed comb. I'm sure the intentions behind the suggestions are completely innocent, but in today's day and age, some of the suggestions might just sound a little off. You can click here to read a sample storytime suggestion I didn't have any problems with. In the book, each poem, song, and book are completely broken down, but I didn't want to include all of this in my post for fear of breaking some copyright.

Approximately half of the book is storytime or other program suggestions from preschool to high school. The other half contains a bibliography of "The Funniest Books in Your Library".

You can find this book at Amazon here.

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