Monday, February 1, 2010

Daily Dose - Weekly Inspiration

This past weekend was pretty awesome. I amazed myself by actually having all my school work done early Saturday evening, and I got Kody Lostroh's autograph on Sunday. I still need some inspiration to get me through this week - at least Blogosphere-wise. I didn't get online for a day and a half, so I came back to a full blogroll. I've also got a basket full of books to post reviews for, I'm halfway done with a craft which I have to finish and post about, and at least one other unexpected post to take care of.


  1. I like the second the best :) I like your new blog layout too! very cute and great for v-day :)

  2. I also liked the second. Until I saw the title of the I don't know what I think. lol


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