Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Resource (Website) - Scouting Web


This website is an excellent resource for Girl Scouts and Girl Scout leaders. So why am I recommending this for a Youth Services librarian?
I was a Girl Scout for over 10 years. I earned the Gold Award, "graduated", and really missed scouting. Even during my younger years as a Girl Scout I always enjoyed pretending to be a troop leader and "helping" my friends "earn" Try-Its. So when I found out my neighbor's daughter was joining a Brownie troop, I just knew I had to help. I became cookie "mom" and co-leader of a Brownie troop of 13 first grade girls. I went to leader meetings and made connections with the ladies on the council (people who oversaw all Girl Scouts and activities in the county). Unfortunately when I was promoted from a part-time Shelver to a full-time Library Associate, I had to quit leading (meetings were when I worked), but I still kept in touch with the leader and one of the ladies on council.

I got the idea over the summer to do a camping program for the public that would also fulfill the badge requirements for several Brownie and Junior Girl Scout Try-Its/Badges. (You can read more about the camping program here.) I e-mailed my contact on the Girl Scout council, and she e-mailed all the Girl Scout leaders in the county for me. Because this program was during the summer (generally troops do not meet during the summer), not many Girl Scouts attended, but we still wound up filling the program with the public. One of the leaders who received the e-mail from council e-mailed me to ask me if I would be willing to do a program for another Try-It/Badge, Storm Ready. (You can read more about the storm program here.) Because we did this program during the school year, we filled this program with Girl Scout troops.

My point? Requirements for Girl Scout badges of any age provide great ideas for library programs. Also, if you can build contacts in your community with Girl Scout leaders, Scouts can be great (very well-behaved) statistics.

This is where Scouting Web comes in. Scouting Web is a resource website itself. They offer links to games and crafts for all ages. Best of all, they have links to the badge requirements for all ages so you don't have to buy a Girl Scout Handbook, but still access all the wonderful ideas for library programs.

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