Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Review (Card Game) - Pictureka!

Pictureka!: This card game has a bit more flexible audience, since this one is for a younger age (6 and up) and allows for more players (2-?). There are four mini-games you can play using this deck of cards, all of them rather corny. There are two piles - mission cards and picture cards. Mission cards have descriptions on them (i.e. a wild animal), and picture cards have [very strange] pictures on them. The games you can play vary from finding objects on your picture cards beggining with the letters A-Z, a memory game where you must match the picture cards to a mission card, a version of poker where three picture cards in your hand must match one mission, and a racing game to be the first to find cards you have that correspond with a mission card. Whenever any of these things happen you must yell "pictureka!" (rhymes with eureka).

Pros: Allows younger children and more players to play; Variety of mini-games to play; I have found this game as cheap as $1.79.

Cons: Corny to the extreme; Have to have the "right" audience.

I have read bad reviews for this game, and I have to say with my one experience playing the game, I agree with them. It might have just been the fact that the one girl I play with was quiet and nice like me, so we never challenged each other, making the game rather boring. I haven't seen a larger group play, and it may help if the players are more immature...to make a library-related recommendation or non-recommendation, I would probably have to give it to my T.A.B. to play and see how they do with it. I would be willing to try this game again with a bigger or different crowed, but so far I wouldn't spend my money on this game.

You can find this game at Amazon here.

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