Saturday, November 17, 2012

Review (Book) - The Very Fairy Princess: Here Comes the Flower Girl by Julie Andrews

"Aunt Sue is getting married, and Gerry could not be more thrilled - especially since she's been chosen to be the flower girl! Gerry is determined to add her special touch to all the preparations. She paints glittery signs, decorates the cake with lots of pink, and helps her brother make fancy favors. When the wedding doesn't go exactly as she's planned, Gerry comes to realize that what matters most on such a special day is the sparkle that comes from inside - happiness and love." (inside jacket cover)

One word : GLITTERRRRRRR!!!11omgzzzsotuhedcywtcifw

*Ahem*...Anywho...yeah...the glitter alone on the front of this book is quite likely to attract any girl's attention.

The pictures are very Fancy Nancy-esque (done in ink and color pencil on Kaecolor paper), though they are not quite as bright. Really the whole book is reminiscent of Fancy Nancy (and what girl isn't a fan of those books?), although Geraldine doesn't seem to care about being quite as fancy as Nancy, so long as she has her fairy wings and wand.

The things I dislike about this book are the illustrations - I don't think they are as clean and crisp or as well done as Fancy Nancy - and some of the text. It's hard to verbalize, but some of the words on the page are emphasized by being written in ALL CAPS (I have no problem with that in picture books), but also look...shakily written? A LITTLE LIKE THIS. I don't see myself using this book in a storytime, but despite its flaws it is written by the fabulous Julie Andrews...I would still be quick to recommend this series to all fans of books like Fancy Nancy and/or Pinkalicious.

My rating:
(only 2.5 if your copy doesn't have glitter on the cover)

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