Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Resource (Website) - AHC Arts & Crafts

I stumbled upon AHC (short for Artists Helping Children) Arts & Crafts today while looking for crafts to make that include drinking straws (for National Drinking Straw Day, of course!). Not only did I find a slew of drinking straw ideas at this site, but I also found a bunch of other craft ideas as well as special sections for Coloring Pages, Origami, How-To-Draw, and Recycled Crafts.

This site isn't exactly what I would call beautifully designed. The colors are very plain and the ads on the side and top of the page makes the layout feel a little awkward and squished, BUT if you can look past these things and simply use it as a resource to find all sorts of craft ideas, it seems great!

Do you have any experience using this site? What about drinking straw craft ideas - any of those to share?

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