Monday, October 1, 2012

Program (Child/Tween) - The Daring Club for Girls (Bowling)

Some time last year I was Googling ideas for library programs and came across a library that offered a program called "The Daring Club for Girls". Not much information was given on their website specifically about this program other than that it was a club based on the book The Daring Book for Girls by Andrea Buchanan. I borrowed almost - if not all - the books in the series via ILL, and found them so useful that I wound up buying three of them. This summer I did a 5-week program with each one being inspired by a theme in the books. The program was advertised for ages 6-12 and encouraged daring boys to join us as well.

Week 2 - Bowling

Program Put Simply:

1. Play:
~ Wii Bowling
~ "Regular" Bowling
~ Silly Bowling
~ Glow Bowling

2. Make:
~ Bowling Pin

Detailed Program:
This program took a lot longer than I expected. While waiting for everyone to arrive, I let all the kids take turns at Wii Bowling. After one round of Wii Bowling, we moved on to bowling using rubber playground balls and 2-liter bottles. We set up two lanes and a volunteer and I each manned a lane to re-set-up the pins. They started off with one round of "regular" bowling to get used to everything, then we went on to "silly bowling" which is basically just when you come up with silly ways for them to bowl (granny bowling, bowl upside down/backwards between your leg, left handed, etc.), and concluded with the apparently incredibly impressive "glow bowling" (regular bowling but add Dollar Store glow sticks to each bottle and turn off the lights). Lastly, I gave each child their own 2-liter and used the paint-the-inside-of-an-ornament method (a) I've been seeing all over Pinterest to let them decorate their own "bowling pin"! Some of them turned out a little messy (b) but some of them got creative and rolled them (rolling pin style) on the ground, and if they had the proper paint-to-bottle ratio, they turned out really nice! (c) 


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