Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Picture Book Month

Last year was my first attempt at spreading the word about Picture Book Month, and it went about as good as could be expected for November being such a busy month for me what with getting married and everything. This year's November (as I expect every year's will be) is also going to be a busy one for me between an anniversary trip and finally going up north to see my family for Thanksgiving. I will still attempt to schedule as many posts for November as I can comfortably write featuring picture books. This year I discovered this calendar :

I'm honestly not really sure what it means, even after reading the post about it, but I have decided I will use the subjects as a guideline for the picture books I review. So, for as many days in November as I can, I'm going to review a picture book on each of the subjects that have been published in 2012 and are available from my local library system.

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