Tuesday, November 1, 2011

National Picture Book Month

I discovered today that November is National Picture Book Month! I had never heard of this before today, when I stumbled upon this posting at There's A Book. I loved Danielle's idea of reviewing a picture book a day (so I'm going to "steal" it) to get me back into blogging! 

So, I did some research, and it appears that National Picture Book Month was started by some lovely children's book authors in response to the outrage caused by this article from the New York Times. It sounds like people are getting upset with the author of the article, yet, I think the author has very good points. Which leads to my personal conclusion - parents and other people who serve the youth population need to be educated on how important of a step picture books can be in both a child's education and childhood. Unfortunately I have not yet started grad school and learned all the details of childhood development, so I am probably not the best person for that...instead, I intend to spotlight some great picture books that parents may want to read with their children.

And now, on to the reviews!

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