Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Information Needs of Children - Mercy Watson to the Rescue by Kate DiCamillo

Mercy Watson to the Rescue is the story of Mercy the pig (who randomly loves buttered toast) and her family. Mr. and Mrs. Watson are in bed one evening on the second floor of their home when the bed begins to fall through the floor! Mercy sees to it that the fire department is brought in to save her family. 

This book is a great transitional reader because it is almost disguised as a beginning reader, only longer. The font is still larger than most chapter books, and the sentences are relatively short. Each chapter – while not episodic – is structured in such a way that nothing is “lost” if a child wants to put down the book if they need a break from reading and continue at a later time. It engages new readers in many ways: illustrations are on every other page, if not every page, and are very bright with very detailed expressions; the story is very humorous and is about an animal, which children statistically tend to enjoy; most children will be able to relate to Mercy, especially the fact that she is afraid of the dark; the book ends with an excerpt from the next book in the series to encourage the reader to continue following Mercy’s adventures.

This book is appropriate for ages 6-8.

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