Sunday, November 6, 2011

Review (Book) - The LOUD Book! by Deborah Underwood

Just as there are different kinds of quiet, there are also different kinds of loud:
Good louds (HOORAY!).
And bad louds (CRASH!)
And accidental louds that make you the center of attention (BURP!).
The Loud Book presents all of these kid-friendly noises in a way that is sure to make readers CHEER!" (inside jacket cover)

The only qualm I have with this book is the ending - there really isn't one. While the book opens with "there are lots of louds", then begins to describe (in list format) different kinds of loud noises, there is no conclusion. It just ends in the middle of the list. For all the reader knows, the last half of the book could have just been ripped out.

We are doing a week-long storytime theme of "Noise" come spring, and I can't wait to try this book. This book would be excellent for outgoing storytellers who can do good impressions of...well...loud noises. The pictures are cute, (slightly Suzy Spafford-ish, I think) the sentences are simple, and I think kids will get a kick out of listening to the imitations of LOUD sounds from slurping to burping (sure to get a combination of "eww gross!" and laughs) in the quiet library. I also plan on asking the children to make some of the noises with me.

Do you have your own experiences of telling this story? Please share!

Amazon recommends this book for ages 4 and up. Because of the interactive potential, I think this age could be slightly younger.

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