Monday, November 7, 2011

Review (Book) - ABC Kids by Simon Basher

I have enjoyed using ABC books in my storytimes (ABCDisney and ABCDrive have been two of my favorites) because it gives me a chance to interact with the kids by having them "help" me figure out what the next letter will be. Maybe I've been looking through the wrong ABC books, but I've never seen one quite as thorough as this.

This book can almost be read two separate ways for two entirely different age groups. Children at the "learning my ABCs" stage may find all of the pages on the right useful - there is one word beginning with the appropriate letter of the alphabet, accompanied by a picture and a letter line to show where in the alphabet the letter is located. Children who already know their ABCs but are beginning to learn how to read (or who just need to practice letter sounds) may find all of the pages on the left useful - there is a capital and lowercase version of the letter, as well as a sentence - each word beginning with the appropriate letter. 

I found the choice of illustrations interesting - they all remind me of Japanese (?) manga. I wasn't aware that was popular among readers this young.

What are your favorite ABC books?

Amazon recommends this book for ages 3 and up.

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