Monday, May 17, 2010

The Odyssey by Homer (translated by Robert Fagles)

Guess what my assignment is for school this week?

Read The Odyssey in its entirety, as well as read three lectures on the book, and a chapter about "Women in the Poems of Homer" in a different book. And that's just one class. I also have to read about 4 chapters (think 150ish pages in a normal-sized textbook) on diversity and globalization.

Why am I taking summer classes again?

Anyway, Homer is definitely book-related, so I figured I'd ramble a bit about The Odyssey. So far it's okay. Then again, I haven't even made it out of the first "book" yet. All in all, though, I'm actually comprehending about twice as much as I expected to. I think the information I read in "Women in the Poems of Homer" is helping me to understand what's going on a bit more, and I appreciate a bit of a heads up of what to expect before I dive into it.

395 pages to go. If you have read The Odyssey and have any tips to help me enjoy and/or comprehend the story more, I would super appreciate tips. I'd also be willing to read a review you might have written on it, if you'd leave your link in the comments.

On a similar note, I almost feel like I need to re-watch O Brother, Where Art Thou? but maybe it would be best to save for after I finish The Odyssey?

Did I mention what I get to read for the Summer C semester?


  1. Is O Brother Where Art Thou based on the Odyssey?

  2. Yes ma'am, it is. :) Moreso than I realized now that I'm actually reading the book!


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