Monday, April 19, 2010

Daily Dose - Weekly Inspiration

I've put a rather random theme to this week's Daily Dose...Anyone who knows me knows I don't dance - not that I can't dance, I basically just refuse to dance with other people present. My beautiful friend Alexis inspires me how she just lets loose and doesn't care what anyone else thinks; so, I dedicate this week's Daily Dose to her!: 

Find me a castle to dance in front of, and I'll dance, too.


  1. Is this a weekly meme or something? Because I totally LOVE it, and would love to do it at my blog, Dreamer.

    I love the last picture, the nice green field and the pretty girl dancing, it's really sweet :)

  2. Kirthi,
    Daily Dose is a weekly meme. It can be found at Good Golly Miss Holly's blog here:


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