Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cincinnati - Day 4

After yesterday's post I thought you'd all want a break from so much reading.
Actually, it was just a very uneventful day. So this post is going to wind up being more of a question to my readers...

I taught my anti-card-playing grandparents how to play Shanghai Rummy today* (this made me feel very stupid for missing the trivia question "what card game has a version called "shanghai"?" within the past couple weeks). I won, which doesn't count for much since it was their first time, but they put up a valiant effort (and kudos to my grandma for not giving up like she said she was going to)!

This experience made me wonder - If anyone has ever tried to teach a group how to play this game, how did it go? Also, I know I work in the Children's department, but don't a lot of older people like to play cards? I know the Recreation Center in my city has "Bridge days". Does anyone work at or know of a library who does card game days for the older crowd (or any crowd, for that matter)?

*For "official" rules how to play this game, click here. We do not play with a limit to how many jokers can be used in what hands, and we only play 6 rounds (the same as deals 1-4 on the "official" site, then a round of two 4-card runs and one 3-of-a-kind, and lastly a round of three 4-card-runs).

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