Monday, September 3, 2012

Information Needs of Children - The Bone Man by Laura Simms

The Bone Man is a book written by Laura Simms and illustrated by Michael McCurdy. It is a tale that originated with the Modoc (Native American) tribe. The book is about a Modoc boy named Nulwee whose grandmother would tell him the legend of Kokolimalayas: the Bone Man. On the day that Nulwee was born, Kokolimalayas "drank the river dry and devoured all the people". When Nulwee is old enough to be a warrior, it will be his job to kill Kokolimalayas and bring back the water and the people; until then, Kokolimalayas lies sleeping, hidden in the distance. One day as Nulwee is away picking berries, his singing wakes the Bone Man. The Bone Man makes Nulwee bring food to him to grow strong again, until he finally threatens to kill Nulwee and his grandmother. It is at this time that Nulwee realizes he must become a warrior and kill the Bone Man before the Bone Man can kill them.

This book would likely be most popular with children who like scary stories. Teachers could use this book in school as part of a Halloween or skeleton theme. They could also use this book to teach children about the Modoc Indians or folktales.

This book may be appropriate for ages 8-10.

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