Thursday, August 30, 2012

Information Needs of Children

As I briefly mentioned, this past semester I took my first class towards my LIS degree - it was the Information Needs of Children. Almost every week we read a handful of books and wrote a journal entry where we summarized the books and commented on whether or not they covered the information needs of a certain age from birth to about age 12. In case any of my readers are fellow library students who might find this helpful, or parents who are concerned about more than just enjoyable books that are "fun" to read, I decided to turn this into a mini-series where I will share my findings with you. 

These posts will be composed only of a brief summary, a response to a writing prompt which generally deals with the book's relevancy to the information needs we learned about in my class, and a personal recommended age range for the reader. It will not contain the publisher's summary of the book, subjective comments as to why I did or did not care for the book, Amazon's suggested age range for the reader, or a crown rating like my other reviews.

All of these books are considered "good" books in at least one way: books selected for this class could not be ones randomly pulled off a shelf. All books had to be either approved by the teacher or an an approved book list, reviewed by a reputable journal, or an award-winning book.

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