Thursday, November 10, 2011

Review (Book) - The Hole in the Middle by Paul Budnitz

"This is a story about music, picnics, cake, loneliness and togetherness.
It's about a boy who felt empty, and how he became a good friend and made himself whole again." (inside jacket cover)

This book had very colorful pictures with an Oriental vibe, and there are lots of little things to see on each page (my favorite being the badminton game taking place through the main character's hole).

While children would probably see this book simply enough to fit in nicely to a friendship-themed storytime, I personally am confused about what exactly this book was about (as if the summary given on the jacket flap wasn't random enough). Is this book about a boy who fills the emptiness inside him with a good friend or by being a good friend? Is this book a children's book about adult themes such as finding a soul mate to fill the emptiness inside you? And if any of these are true, how many religious fanatics will this book upset over the fact that a "higher power" is not what fills the emptiness inside a person? Or, is this book supposed to be a legend about where belly buttons came from? (Read the book, you'll see what I mean.) 

I guess overall this book would be cute for kids, (a good story on how to be a good friend) but I'm your stereotypical female who overthinks things, and I think I'm just in an overthinking mood tonight.

Amazon recommends this book for ages 3 and up.

My rating:

(Still in need of a picture of a half-crown)

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