Sunday, May 23, 2010

Cincinnati - Day 1

If you're only here for the library stuff, feel free to skip this weeks' posts (although at least in this post, a book is mentioned).

After beginning our first flight with the flight attendant announcing over the intecom that "we are aware the smell of fuel is spreading throughout the cabin..." we finally made it to the mountains! 

Wait a minute...
That can't be right...
We didn't go to the mountains!
We went to Cincinnati!
(the above picture was actually taken in front of the giant mural on my grandparents' living room wall)

That's better!
Apparently my five(ish)-year-old cousin calls the Ohio River "the chocolate milkshake river". And (as you can see from the picture) he's pretty much right.

Today has been fairly uneventful. Almost as soon as we got off the plane, we went bowling. I lost by five points the first game, then came in last the second game. The fact that I broke 100 each game was an accomplishment for me. 

I have awesome news - not only did I finish The Odyssey today, but I got a 100 on the quiz I had to take on it! I'm debating whether or not I will write a review on it. I'm afraid I wouldn't have much to say about it.

To top off my night, I played (and won) two games of ping pong with my mom. Hopefully the rest of this week is accompanied by much more ping pong playing (maybe even a match on video?). Here in these parts, I am occassionally known as the ping pong queen. I used to have a shirt that said "I'm kind of awesome at ping pong", and now that I think about it, I'm kind of sad that I no longer have a clue where it is. 

Tomorrow I may begin my quest to visit libraries in the area! I would like to have something library-related to show from my trip.

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