Monday, May 24, 2010

Cincinnati - Day 2

Today, we took my grandma to get an oil change, then I conquered Paris!

...Well, as close to Paris as you can get in Cincinnati. Which, in this case means getting a hole-in-one on a hick town (for lack of better words - not that I have anything against rural areas) putt putt course that has a "topless" Eiffel Tower on it.


After such a close bowling game yesterday, I reveled over my 1 point victory.

Go ahead and ask me what my "menu" for the day consisted of...

Two cheese coneys for breakfast, one for lunch, a chocolate milkshake and strawberry cheesecake for dinner, and a drumstick for dessert. As good as it tasted, I felt like every artery in my body was clogged, and had a desperate urge to go run the Flying Pig to try to fix it. I don't think I'll be eating like that again...

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