Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Finds - April 30th

Okay so I've come to the conclusion that MizB at Should Be Reading is awesome. Not only does she have the Teaser Tuesday meme, but she also created Friday Finds. Friday Finds is simply a chance to share books you think sound interesting that you only recently discovered. I think I will limit myself to three books a week.

Finally by Wendy Mass
“Rory Swenson has been waiting her whole life to turn twelve. And she’s got a list to prove it. Whenever Rory asks her parents for something, they always say, “When you’re twelve, when you’re twelve, when you’re twelve…” Well, in exactly 18 hours, 36 minutes, and 52 seconds, it will finally happen. Rory’s life will officially begin!
Fun, funny, and full of surprises, this is a story about wanting to grow up even when the universe seems to be telling you to wait.” (inside cover)

The Six Rules of Maybe by Deb Caletti
“Scarlet spends most of her time worrying about other people. Some are her friends, others are practically strangers, and then there are the ones no one else even notices. Trying to fix their lives comes naturally to her. And pushing her own needs to the side is part of the deal.
So when her older sister comes home unexpectedly married and pregnant, Scarlet has a new person to worry about. But all of her good intentions are shattered when the unthinkable happens: She falls for her sister’s husband. For the first time in a long time, Scarlet’s not fixing a problem, she’s at the center of one. And ignoring her feelings don’t seem to be an option…” (inside cover)

Fire Will Fall by Carol Plum-Ucci
“ShadowStrike poisoned the water of Trinity Falls two months ago. Now the Trinity Four, the teens most affected by the poison, have been isolated in a remote mansion and are under twenty-four-hour medical care while scientists on four continents rush to discover a cure.
For Scott, Cora, Owen, and Rain, life is anything but peaceful at the old Kellerton mansion. Boredom and resentment build as they struggle with annoying – and possibly fatal – symptoms, while dueling with their own personal demons.
Meanwhile, U.S. operatives scour the world for the bioterrorists responsible for this heinous crime. But the two teen virtual spies who chased the extremists across the Internet prior to the attack are convinced that ShadowStrike is closer than USIC agents think. The danger remains very real – for Shadow Strike has every reason to pursue the Trinity Four, and their evil plan will unleash a new designer virus even deadlier than the first.” (inside cover)

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