Monday, April 12, 2010

Daily Dose - Weekly Inspiration

This past week (espsecially the weekend) has been insane. Friday I played soccer and got hit by a soccer ball that was kicked by a guy who obviously didn't care that he was playing against a girl (the hexagon mark is still on my leg), Saturday I played kickball and ran into a tree, and Sunday an elevator tried to crush me! I don't think I was home more than a couple hours of waking time all weekend, so I certainly haven't spent much time on the computer. My apologies for the lack of posts. However, I did get an iPhone on Thursday! Hopefully this means I'll finally be able to write some of my posts that required I take pictures... Have a great week everyone!

Haha sorry but I had to put this one in. Saturday, Christ Fellowship had a church-wide picnic. We had a kickball tournament - I ran into a tree (unfortunately I didn't get a picture of that), but our team was victorious! I surprised everyone (including myself) with the catches and kicking I was making, and our captain (green shirt) made me VIP. He tried to make me take the trophy by myself but I said I would only help, since I didn't win the game on my own.

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