Monday, February 15, 2010

Daily Dose - Weekly Inspiration

I've decided to use the weekly Daily Dose as a way to keep my followers updated on things.

I've made it through another week of school - hooray! This week included a midterm. I didn't get to go to Disney on Valentine's Day - boo! I didn't think it was ever possible for every hotel room in every hotel on site to be booked except around the Christmas holidays, but sure enough, they were. Oh well, we're going for the Braves/Cardinals game on March 21st and I'm trying to set up a day to go with girl friends.

I've got loads of reviews to write for a restaurant (random, I know), books, and a movie; I still have to finish my teen post about the Summer Reading Program workshop; and I still have to write about my crafting experience making ribbon rings. And, of course, make it through school this week (including a paper I have to write).

On to the inspiration!:

 You have to keep your notes somewhere!

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