Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Unshelved - Disneyland

You may have noticed in my About Me that I say I LOVE Disney. This is not an understatement. Most people would probably consider it an obsession. I have yet to find a human who can beat me at Disney SceneIt, and I've known for quite some time that I have to call 407-WDW-DINE at 7 AM on May 22nd to make dinner reservations for the evening of August 20th at Cinderella's Castle in Walt Disney World (not to be confused with Disneyland mentioned below) for my two-year anniversary. So when my co-worker showed me this little comic strip from Unshelved, I knew it had to go up on my blog.

I spent my 21st birthday at Disney World. My best friend, who had never been before, came with me and we both brought our boyfriends. We were only going up for the day, so I gave her two options - we could do one park for the whole day and see everything and ride every ride in the park, or we could go to all four parks and only ride the main attractions. She chose door number two. Needless to say, we couldn't have looked more like the Mickey-eared crowd in the comic above. I LOVE everything about Disney World, but I can now honestly say I've found something I would not recommend. Don't get me wrong, it makes me proud to say that we were able to do it - even with time left over to ride an extra handful of attractions at the Magic Kingdom. How many other people do you know that have done that? But we suffered - my friend's boyfriend and I almost collapsed from heat exhaustion, and everyone was sore for days. I could write a whole post about our schedule for the day, but that's not very library-related. I do suggest reading a guidebook or two or three (or all of them - goodness knows how many I've read, or at the very least skimmed) or having a very experienced [Disney] traveler with you. If you need any tips or random tidbits of information about The World, I'm always here!

Hey, I think I've just inspired myself to (eventually) make a list of recommended Disney resources!


  1. You sound like me except I'm more I Love Lucy/Pop Culture type of games. ;)

    Excellent tips. It's funny Space Mountain was mentioned in the comic. I remember how excited I was to ride it, the line moving fairly quickly and I was ever so glad when the ride ended. Never again.

    However, now I'd like to go back to Disney World. Haven't been in ages. :)

  2. When is the last time you went? I highly recommend it, obviously. ;) What did you not like about Space Mountain?

  3. We've gone twice with our family (when girls were 5 & 8 and then 9 & 12) and we loved it. But. It is not a relaxing, do nothing kind of vacation. To get the most out of a day, you do have to plan and plan well. The guidebooks do help a lot. My favorite park is probably Hollywood (formerly Disney/MGM) because it's small enough to navigate easily and you can really do the whole park in a day without feeling like you missed a lot.

  4. MR, I'm quite impressed if you were able to make it through any park in one day with a 5 & 8 year old in tow. :) Were you able to see all four parks in your two visits?

  5. I LOVE Disney World! I don't even know how many times I've been... 6 or 7 maybe? And I live in Texas! I just can't help myself. My family's favs are Epcot (race track!), Animal Kingdom (the Everest ride!), and we always spend a day or two at Universal. We have a trip planned the end of April/beginning of May for a long weekend, and I've got my fingers crossed that the new Harry Potter island will be done at Islands of Adventure!

  6. I've only been to Animal Kingdom twice, this past time (for my birthday, described above haha) was the first tim I'd been on Everest. It was really fun.
    Not as big of a fan of Universal, but I have been there (not Islands of Adventure, though), and to Halloween Horror Nights.
    I hope HP is open for you when you go! I know it's Spring 2010 sometime...


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