Monday, January 4, 2010

Review (Book) - Christmas is Good! by Dean Koontz

I know I'm a little late, but I've had this book sitting in my box to read for weeks. I loved "Life is Good!", so I figured why not read this one a couple weeks late? (Especially since it can now count towards my 100+ library books!) Words cannot express the joy I feel when I read a "Trixie Koontz (edited by Dean Koontz)" book.

This book is written in dog "language" and humor (a.k.a. pro-sausage treats and anti-cat) from the dedication page to the back cover, and contains all sorts of tips for the holidays, including: Trixie's wishlist, secrets, gift guide, and favorite Christmas moments, and suggestions for dogs and people to have a happier, funner (I'm sure Trixie would approve of that word) holiday season.

Amazon does not have a recommendation for ages for this book, but I would argue that almost any age would get enjoyment from this book. Even the youngest reader would enjoy the pictures. Since the book is in dog language, the words are pretty easy (except gastrointestinal and self-aggrandizing which I'm still not sure I believe is a real word) to read.

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