Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Program (Child/Tween) - The Daring Club for Girls (Karate)

Some time last year I was Googling ideas for library programs and came across a library that offered a program called "The Daring Club for Girls". Not much information was given on their website specifically about this program other than that it was a club based on the book The Daring Book for Girls by Andrea Buchanan. I borrowed almost - if not all - the books in the series via ILL, and found them so useful that I wound up buying three of them. This summer I did a 5-week program with each one being inspired by a theme in the books. The program was advertised for ages 6-12 and encouraged daring boys to join us as well.

Week 1 - Karate

Program Put Simply:

1. Watch:

2. Make:
~ Karate Monkeys

Detailed Program:
This probably wasn't the best theme to choose for the kick-off week, because the activities weren't incredibly exciting. The "Program Put Simply" pretty much spells it all out. We started with the instructional video of Karate for Kids. I let them do the stretches/warm-ups and the very basic punches and kicks (totaling about 20 minutes). Next they made these cute little toilet paper roll karate monkeys found on Krafty Kid. Lastly, I used the newest Karate Kid movie as a kid- and movie licensing-friendly way of showing them a karate fight in action. (I showed the final fight scene but left out the ending to encourage patrons to check out and/or put the movie on hold so they could find out what happens.) 

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